Pole Star

Listen, Mr President, human love is heaven sent…

Merchants of the Yam Gadol

Street sellers on the streets of the Mediterranean, summer 2016

A Few of those Least Favoured Things

“A Few of My Favourite Things” is a great song, but possibly needed a bit of rounding off

Those Beery nights

The old pub and nightclub trail, Milford Haven, westernmost Wales, circa 1985


Adam’s first wife, conveniently dismissed in favour of his more obliging Eve…


One of the few extant recordings of the mysterious Wolfman, playing live in Memphis, Tennessee

Sea of Faces

A track from one of the great undiscovered albums of the 60’s, recently remastered and issued on vinyl, The Earth’s “Elemental”

Homage à Daumier

A tribute to the great Honoré Daumier, from the “Educating Picasso” show at the Espaccio Gallery, London, November 2015

Little Birdie

There’s a little birdie in our nest…

Promised Everything

A film from a show at the Espaccio Gallery, London 2015

A Broader Point

The broader point of what’s the point

Visions and Voices

An extract from a longer film done with the Leicester arts group “Brightsparks”


A poem for those marvellous birds

What’s the Point?

And who has the answers?


The real scroungers and cheats in our society…

When We Cut Our Ties

A pick and mix from the Hereafter’s sweet counter

A Spell Over the Land

The death of Lady T and what really happened…

Credit Default Dump

The Financial Crash and Bailout of 2008


The Ballad of Spencer McGall

Murder,Mayhem and the Devil in the Old West

The Great Strike

The tragedy that was the 1984 Miner’s Strike

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