Grim World
Grim World
Grim World
Grim World
Grim World
Grim World
Grim World
Grim World

1. Mr Atlas is doing his best…
A beleaguered Atlas attempts to balance a crumbling globe on his back.

2. Chateau Troisième Monde, n’est-ce pas?
Two connoisseurs sample a luxurious wine squeezed from a giant earth grape

3. Nothing Forbidden About This Fruit
The world as an apple, with assorted tasters and exploiters

4. By Exclusive Invitation Only
The wealthy and privileged dine on a terrestrial main course, while an impoverished multitude look on

5. New World Series
High stakes in this league.

6. Omlette à la Monde
A huge earth egg about to be cracked by a poor chef under mercenary duress. At high table, the rich nations wait to be fed.

7. Political Football
A rough and ready game of footie, with teams of global conferencers at play

8. A Nice, Juicy Fruit
The earth as an orange, peeled by a high financier

Original artwork available for purchase on my page

Grim World

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